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Clinton Callahan

is a citizen of nomadic nanonations  and cofounder of General Memetics. He is B.S. Physics, author of several books, S.P.A.R.K.s and the Clinton was the originator of Possibility Management (PM) and worked as a trainer in this context for more than 20 years. It offers initiations into conscious and responsible adulthood.


Charles Eisenstein

the US american cultural philosopher is a strong voice, heart and mind to understand the narrative of post-capitalist society and he offers an outlook on the space between stories where the old paradigm can be transcended. In his books, talks and online contributions he offers insights on how to feel and live in accordance the natural spirit we all belong to.


Gesa Heiten

is a psychologist, develops ways to work in organizations, leads vision quest and is a council facilitator. She also works as a trainer for international leaders, process moderator, consultant and coach. She has cofounded the Eschwege Instituts and the academy Campus Peligrini together with Holger Heiten and is CEO of the Business Quest Network. 


Holger Heiten

is a social education worker and a Gestalt therapist. His formation took place at the School of lost boarders, Calif., and as a council trainer at the Ojai Foundation. He is an instructor for for initiating process supervision on a national and international level, as well as Council Facilitation. He is cofounder and head of the Eschwege Institut and the academy Campus Peligrini together with Gesa Heiten. 


Meredith Little

co-founded with her husband Steven Foster The School of Lost Borders, California, in 1981, pioneering new methods and dynamics of modern pan-cultural passage rites in the wilderness. She has dedicated her life to returning meaningful and culturally appropriate rites of passage ceremonies to all people in support of the natural cycles of living and dying.


Geseko von Lüpke

Is a bridge builder between the worlds, creating dialogue between different cultures, opening vision to new ways of life and spirit. As the author of several books, working as journalist for radio and print magazines, he weaves together politics, new visions of economy, spirituality and life. He holds vision quests and organizes international conferences. 


Sobonfu Somé (  Januar 2017)

was an African shaman from the dagar tradition informing the world about the depth and wisdom of her spiritual tradition. She held rituals that can help hold, integrate and develop community. She founded the organization Wisdom Spring also to provide drinking water to villages in West Africa. She died in Jan 2017 shortly after the interview.


Bruder David Steindl-Rast

Born in 1926 he became a Benedictine monk and a bridge builder between spiritual traditions. He is cofounder of the „Centers for spiritual Studies“ in Y. At the base of his teachings is gratefulness as the source of all. As a practicing Christian and a trans confessional mystic he is still travelling the world and sharing his wisdom in several books.


Dagmar Thürnagel

Dagmar is a trainer for Possibility Management and a Feelings Practitioner. Initiating individuals into adult responsibility is her core mission. Together with her husband she is leading Aufbruch Trainings, where she facilitates people to seize their own power and potency beyond hindering habits and contribute to healing the collective.

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